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International Food in a Box

  • 17 May 2018
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International Food in a Box

Dipti Nair - Doha -

DO you enjoy food and exploring different cuisines and products? The newly launched Sandooki Box will now assist you on your journey of food discovery. 

An online subscription box service, the Sandooki Gourmet box provides a highly curated selection of global artisanal treats for the adventurous foodie. 

A subscription box is a niche-based package of related products billed and delivered on a recurring basis and in which items offered change on a monthly basis. 

The brains behind this one-of-a-kind service is Italian national Sandra Grigis. A food lover who was brought up in the Middle East, Sandra began her foray into the food community by starting a food community for home cooks called ‘Qatar Home Cooks’ where community members would share recipes and discuss the ingredients in the market. 

Being from the country of food connoisseurs, Sandra had a fondness for fine food from a very young age. “My mother is from Malta and my father is from Milan, Italy. 

My family has lived in the region for 35 years and have grown to call this region home. I was fortunate to have a stay-at-home mother. The smell of food and the sound of her playing music as I was walking towards our door has always been a memory I hold close to my heart. 

Food as a whole has always been an important part in our family. I remember when we would go to my paternal grandmothers’ home and her eagerness to offer cheese and coffee the moment we stepped through the door,” she said. 

Sandra was raised in the Middle East and attended university in the United States. She feels one of the best things about growing up in the Middle East are the education options.

 “The education options in the region are outstanding. After attending a British International school I had the fortune of being surrounded by people from different nationalities and mentalities which has enabled me to think outside the box. 

I love how all conversations and plans if they haven’t started with food, will end with food. I have been fortunate enough to travel the world from a young age, and I would say it was these travels that sparked my interest in food.” When Sandra was studying in the United States, she had subscribed to a monthly food box service that she enjoyed. 

The best thing about a subscription box, she says, is the element of surprise when opening the box and discovering new brands and items each month. 

It gives you the opportunity to try and test out new brands and products and also have the convenience of it having been delivered right to your doorstep. 

The Sandooki Gourmet Box works the same way. Once you subscribe to the service, every month you get a lovely turquoise box filled with handpicked gourmet goodies delivered straight to your doorstep. 

The first month of Sandooki Gourmet consisted of exquisite delights such as pastas, sauces, sott’olio, biscuits, chocolates, and salts among many more. 

“Subscription boxes are really new to Qatar. Speaking from my own experience, I personally missed having curated and personalised products arrive on my doorstep each month. 

I was also aware that a few countries in the region began successfully adopting the concept. Particularly in the case of Sandooki’s first box— artisanal treats, I know that Qatar’s foodies are keen to experience new flavours and even share them with their loved ones and I would like to provide them with that. 

“Although we cannot share with you the brands that will be featured in Sandooki Gourmet boxes—as it would ruin the surprise—what our subscribers can expect is a combination of artisanal snacks as well as delicious flavours and ingredients to cook with. 

We seek out the finest products available in the market, and have them sourced from culinary strongholds such as Italy, France, the United States and the United Kingdom, among many more,” she said. 

Sandra has been living in Qatar for almost four years and says that Qatar has brought out the best out of her in terms of work and life balance. 

“Every time I travel outside the country I am grateful for where I live. We are fortunate to be living in such a safe country which provides us a high lifestyle and easy comfort. Being a lover of food, fashion and beaches, Doha has provided me the core of all things I love. 

I can always be dressed up and eat in delicious restaurants from a variety of cultures as well as soak up the sun. I have also been fortunate to have found a second family of friends here in Doha, who has supported me through it all. 

There are many kind souls in this country and it is always comforting to have people around you who are in a similar life situation as you are.

” Subscriptions for Sandooki Gourmet boxes can be done through the official website ( where, customers can choose between the options of monthly, quarterly or bi-annual gourmet subscriptions.

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