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NAMA’s ‘empowerment’ mobile app

  • 17 May 2018
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NAMA’s ‘empowerment’ mobile app


Tribune News Network - Doha : 

 IN line with its technological development and optimal communication with young people, the Social Development Center (NAMA) has launched ‘NAMA Empowerment and Entrepreneurship’ mobile application. 

The application is considered the first youth discussion platform that responds to youth needs to empower them and help members overcome all obstacles in order to be innovative and interactive members of society. 

The application facilitates the registration process in the Center’s services including different programs, activities, society development services and helps users make use of different growth tracks. 

 Being a new digital platform, the application helps users know Center’s events through the year, in addition to the future plans and objectives that the Center will achieve soon, in a way that creates effective and prompt communication between Center and beneficiaries, and reinforces the Center’s mission and role to socially rehabilitate and empower the youth. 

 Through this application, the user can log on as a visitor to browse the available content and find out what the Center offers. 

The visitor can register as a beneficiary through ‘My Account’ page. He/she can register in the application to take advantage of the services provided by NAMA. Using this application, the participant or visitor will be able to identify the services of individuals and projects. When he/she clicks on a specific service, the application displays the details of the service, the terms of submission and the possibility of making use of them, as well as the possibility of identifying and reviewing all courses, in addition to reading the reviews of any service or training course. 

Furthermore, users can register for the services by clicking on ‘Subscribe to the service’ and proceeding with the registration steps; then an alert message will appear to guide users with registration process. 

 The application is easy to register, so everyone can register by filling the data form available through the application to benefit from various development services. 

After registration, the user can browse, verify or edit his own data, and can control the language of the application and notifications, privacy policy and special settings of his/her account through the ‘More page’. 

 To ensure the quality of the application and its smooth use, the Center has tested the application for a sufficient period, by an experienced team whose members noted down some comments that have been met, including the distinctive and attractive layout, as well as the nomination of an internal committee that manages the application task flow and communicate closely with beneficiaries to receive their opinions and take them into consideration for development and enhancement. 

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