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Documentary captures indomitable spirit of ’God’s Own Country’

  • 8 November 2018
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Documentary captures indomitable spirit of ’God’s Own Country’
IANS  |   Mumbai  
As Kerala struggles to normalcy post devastating flood that took scores of lives and led to loss of habitat worth around Rs 40,000 crore, a documentary titled 'Kerala Floods - The Human Story' has attempted to incorporate the lives of people during the tumultuous time.

Talking about the story-line, Zulfia Waris, Vice-President and Head, Premium and Digital Networks, Discovery Communications India, said in a statement that the idea of presenting the documentary is to draw attention towards hundreds of people working tirelessly to rebuild Kerala.

The documentary shows flood-affected people and how they have survived.

One of such stories is of Sajitha Jabil. She was just three days from her due delivery date. Her pains had intensified, but water levels outside were rising. She was airlifted in one of the most dramatic rescues of Indian Navy's Operation Madad.

Her baby Subhan was in her arms, unaware of the many storms his mother braved to bring him into this world.

"Through stories about the surprising strength of a character caught in times of a disaster, the film aims to tell the story of a Kerala that refuses to be defined by the devastation," she said.

"Everyone saw the destruction of Kerala, it is now time they saw the efforts being made to rebuild it, one brick at a time."

The documentary will be shown on November 12, at 9 p.m, on Discovery Channel.
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