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Google slammed for risking Android with infected PNG images

  • 10 February 2019
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Google slammed for risking Android with infected PNG images
IANS |  San Francisco 
Google is reportedly being slammed by security experts following the disclosure of a vulnerability that has exposed Android to the risk of being compromised by infected images.

Revealed in Google's February security update, the flaw leaves Android systems compromised with a modified Portable Network Graphics (PNG) that could trick users into viewing an infected image, Android Headlines reported on Saturday.

PNG is a raster-graphics file-format that supports lossless data compression.

The security flaw affects devices running Android 7.0 Nougat and newer versions of the software.

According to experts, the root cause of this alarming vulnerability has been a light approach to media content on Google's part.

The new firmware is currently only available on the Pixel handsets and a small number of Android One devices that run a stock version of the operating system (OS), the report informed.

However, Google's February security update addresses the issue, but the global rollout of the security patch is expected to take more time.
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