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Trump says Congress ’can’t impeach’ him over Mueller report

  • 23 April 2019
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Trump says Congress ’can’t impeach’ him over Mueller report
President Donald Trump said Monday that Congress "can't impeach" him over the findings of the Mueller report into Russian election meddling and his alleged attempts to hamper the investigation.
Defiantly insisting that he did nothing wrong, Trump also denied a portrait of dysfunction in the White House where disobedient aides are said to have saved him from committing obstruction of justice by refusing to carry out his instructions.
Asked by reporters at a White House Easter egg event for children whether the prospect of impeachment worries him, Trump replied: "Not even a little bit."
"Only high crimes and misdemeanors can lead to impeachment. There were no crimes by me (No Collusion, No Obstruction), so you can't impeach," Trump stated earlier on Twitter.
However, Democrats believe the Mueller report has revealed serious wrongdoing by the president and have yet to decide on impeachment.
The report confirmed that Russian operatives had attempted to interfere in the 2016 election to help Trump beat Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, including by hacking into email accounts.
The report also found that Trump's campaign took advantage of the impact on Clinton, but did not deliberately reach out to collude with the Russians.
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