Monday, January 21, 2019
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Healthier & happier 2018

Have you considered the things which you think will make you happier in 2018? How about getting healthy and fit? Would you like to see yourself healthier during new year and beyond? If yes, the time to start is now. Stop making excuses for why you cannot workout. Of course, who wouldn't love to get extra time for cycling or swimming? But simple physical activities like walking and jogging can also help do the job. You can either find some time in the mornings or in the evenings, in the comfort of your home or just outside your building or villa. Or, turn on your TV or check YouTube channels for a quick zumba, aerobics, or yoga. Don't say you feel lazy. Once you start, I can tell you, you will love the idea, especially when you see how exercise works for your body and mind. And believe me when I say that most of the happy people I know are those who are into sports and fitness, because it's true, one important thing that makes people happy is being healthy. If you get some good exercise, if you eat the right food, if you think positive thoughts, then everything will be all right. And don't say you have no time for exercise because you're already tired. Tired of work? Of making money? Let's not focus too much on acquiring more wealth, besides, as they say, health is wealth... and I agree. Because where do you think your money will go when you're sick and dying? For your hospitalisation and medication, right? So, don't think twice, it's now time to start a healthy lifestyle for a happier you! Good luck!

Mrs Alabama

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