Monday, January 21, 2019
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New law grants client right
to file case against lawyer

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The law obliged the law firms to have websites and considered owning stakes and shares in joint stock companies to be outside the scope of the ban on trade.
The law extended guarantees granted to lawyers regarding their access to documents of cases, lawsuits and investigation papers, and allowed the possibility of agreement between the lawyer and his client on the condition of fees entitlement to be pending winning the claim.
The law also granted the client the right to lodge a complaint against the lawyer, investigate them before the committee, and set specific durations for upgrading the degree of the lawyer who signed a disciplinary penalty.
The law also set the jurisdiction and competence of the disciplinary board of lawyers formed by a decision of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary, in terms of lawyers' accountability, imposing the necessary penalties on them, and considering suspending them from practising the profession.
The law is to be effective and is to be published in the Official Gazette.


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