Friday, October 19, 2018
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School incident alien to
Qatari society's values

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Additionally, a committee from the ministry has been formed to manage the school so that its operations remain unaffected along with national examinations.
The official noted that the incident represents an isolated act that is unlikely to occur and is alien to Qatari society's values that respect the educational community members.
He said public school students are known for their qualification and decency in dealing with their educators.
Derham said the ministry's laws and behavioural conduct rules preserve the dignity and right of principals and educators in managing an educational institution that holds a respected rank in society without being abused verbally or physically.
He added that legal procedures followed in these cases are predefined by the ministry and students along with their parents must understand that as resorting to singular acts of violence from the part of a minority does not reflect a dereliction in enforcing the ministry's regulations.
Speaking to Qatar Tribune, students who have witnessed the incident said the act of 'violence' came from student's parent after his son was caught cheating and was banned from continuing examination at the school. The witnesses noted that the student was home-schooled and was taking the examination at that school without regularly attending classes.


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