Monday, February 18, 2019
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Qatar participates in 101st Arab League Council meeting

QATAR is taking part in the 101st ministerial level ordinary session of the Arab League's Economic and Social Council which started at the pan-Arab organisation's headquarters under the presidency of Sudan on Thursday.
Qatar's delegation at the meeting is led by the Permanent Representative of State of Qatar to the Arab League HE Saif Muqaddam al Buainein.
The agenda of the meeting comprises 20 articles covering different economic and social issues, including the secretary general's report on following up on the implementation of the 100th session's decisions as well as the general secretariat's activity in both sessions.
In addition, the agenda touches on the economic and social aspects of the next ordinary Arab summit, besides preparation for the Arab developmental economic and social summit in 2019.
Moreover, the agenda follows up on the implementation of the economic and social decisions of the fourth Arab-African summit which was held in Malabo in 2016.
The agenda also includes an article on cooperation between the Arab League and the United Nations, while the summit additionally focuses on ways of establishing the Arab trade zone and developments of the Arab customs union, besides touching on investment in Arab countries and discussing a draft Arab charter to develop small and medium-sized enterprises sector.


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