Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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Vodafone Qatar emphasises need to build women's confidence

Vodafone Qatar emphasises need to build women's confidence

VODAFONE Qatar marked International Women's Day with a series of events and activities designed to celebrate, encourage and support women in the workplace.
Every year on March 8 the world joins hands together to support, raise, inspire and motivate women across all fields of work.
Vodafone Qatar hosted an open day at the Four Seasons Hotel, for women in Qatar and the company's female employees, in order to promote its ReConnect programme that aims to bring talented women back into the workplace after a career break.
The all-day event focused on building women's confidence to help them re-enter the workplace, with several guest speakers including Aysha al Mudakha, the CEO of Qatar Business Incubation Center, Susie Billings, the Head of Qatar Professional Women's Network, and Najat al Mahdy, an HR professional who spoke about recruitment tools.
In 2017, Vodafone created the ReConnect programme to attract talented women who have left the workplace for several years, in most cases to raise a family, and who would like to return to work on a full-time or flexible basis, but are struggling to make the professional connections needed or refresh the skills required.
This Vodafone global initiative will increase the number of women in management roles, with around 10 percent of all Vodafone external management hires worldwide recruited through the programme over next three years. The programme will complement other Vodafone global initiatives focused on encouraging and supporting women in the workplace including the company's global maternity policy announced in March 2015. (TNN)


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