Friday, February 15, 2019
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10 more spots for 'food kiosks'

The renovated Doha Corniche will get additional ten areas for refreshments that will feature kiosks for food surrounded by sitting areas on the waterfront. Speaking to Qatar Tribune on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of renovated Doha Corniche, in-charge of Doha Corniche Development Project Jaralla Mohammed al Marri said,"Ten areas specially designed for food kiosks or cafeterias have already been developed. The features of kiosks and the other available services and facilities will be decided by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment." Currently, the 9-km Corniche has four areas for eateries and other refreshments. The new refreshment area featuring the waterfront sitting spaces, green patches and parking area at a walking distance will make the Corniche one of the most crowded leisure-time hubs in Doha. ” Santhosh Chandran

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