Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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EU regrets Soros foundation's closure in Hungary

THE European Union said on Tuesday it was"regrettable"that the foundation run by US-Hungarian billionaire George Soros was closing operations in Hungary, voicing fears that democracy would suffer.
The Open Society Foundation said it was relocating to Germany in response to the"repressive"policies of PM Viktor Orban's government.
"Whenever a civil society organisation that helps build vibrant & tolerant democracies is threatened & feels it can no longer do its work, democracy suffers,"EU First VP Frans Timmermans tweeted.
"It is regrettable that a civil society organisation like @OpenSociety is closing its doors in an EU country,"said Timmermans, the EU's pointman on democracy standards.
Orban, reelected last month for a third consecutive term in office, has long accused Soros and non-governmental organisations he funds of encouraging immigration and plotting to undermine the cultural fabric of Europe.
Timmermans has also spearheaded EU attempts to make Hungary's ally Poland reverse judicial reforms.

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