Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Congo receives first doses of Ebola vaccine amid outbreak

THE first batch of 4,000 experimental Ebola vaccines to combat an outbreak suspected to have killed 20 people arrived in Congo's capital Kinshasa on Wednesday, said a Reuters witness at the airport.
The Health Ministry said vaccinations would start on the weekend, the first time the vaccine would come into use since it was developed two years ago.
The vaccine, developed by Merck and sent from Europe by the World Health Organization, is still not licensed but proved effective during limited trials in West Africa in the biggest ever outbreak of Ebola, which killed 11,300 people in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone from 2014-2016.
Health officials hope they can use it to contain the latest outbreak in northwest Democratic Republic of Congo which the WHO believes has so far killed 20 people since April.
Health workers have recorded two confirmed cases, 22 probable cases and 17 suspected cases of Ebola in three health zones.

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