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Sidra Medicine gears up for opening of Children's Emergency Department

Sidra Medicine gears up for opening of Children's Emergency Department

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Following the successful opening of its main hospital nearly six months ago, Sidra Medicine, a member of Qatar Foundation, is preparing to mark the next major milestone in its development as Qatar's leading provider of paediatric care with the opening of its Children's Emergency Department (CED) in early July.
The new CED will add capacity to Qatar's existing healthcare facilities such as the five Paediatric Emergency Centers (PECs), which will remain open and complement those services already available at Sidra Medicine.
"This is a major milestone in our journey towards delivering a world-class centre for children's services in Qatar and our aim to become a beacon of healthcare excellence for children, young people and women," said Sidra Medicine Chief Executive Officer Peter Morris."We are immensely grateful for the support from our healthcare partners and from the government of Qatar. As a result of our collaboration, and with the help of our highly-skilled and dedicated staff, we have made tangible contributions to the delivery of the very highest standards of care."
Sidra Medicine's CED will provide emergency care and treatment for children requiring life-saving intervention or immediate attention such as in cases of severe trauma and major medical and surgical emergencies -free of charge.
Sidra Medicine organises its emergency care system according to best international practice as outlined in the Emergency Severity Index. Triage staff will determine the urgency of treatment and the appropriate level of care required.
Children who require non-urgent care -- including upper respiratory issues like sore throats and coughs, rashes, or low-grade fever -- should continue to seek treatment with their regular healthcare provider, as they normally would. Should patients choose to come to Sidra Medicine for treatment of cases that are considered non-emergencies, its Children's Urgent Care Clinic will treat patients in order of medical urgency and require a charge of QR550to be paid for consultation.
Before an official opening announcement for Sidra Medicine's CED is made, members of the public should call 999 in the event of an emergency. Hamad Medical Corporation will dispatch the appropriate transport service for patients.
The new services will complement those already available at Sidra Medicine since opening its main hospital in January.
To complement the upcoming opening of its emergency facilities, Sidra Medicine is launching a community education campaign that will include community workshops as well as direct and social media messaging.


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