Friday, February 15, 2019
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Germany's Seehofer unveils 'migration master plan'

FRESH from a bruising spat with Chancellor Angela Merkel about migration, German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer presented his long-delayed"migration master plan" on Tuesday.
Seehofer, who leads the more conservative German coalition partner, the Bavaria-based Christian Social Union (CSU), had originally hoped to unveil his 63-point master plan four weeks ago, but delayed this when Merkel expressed concerns about plans to unilaterally turn some migrants away at the German border.
Hardliner Seehofer has often sparred with his long-time ally, Merkel, regarding migration policies, ever since he took issue with her open-door approach to the massive wave of almost 1 million refugees, largely escaping conflict in the Middle East and Africa, who arrived in Germany in 2015-6.
"This master plan is part of the asylum reversal that is urgently required for Germany," Seehofer said as he presented the plan in Berlin on Tuesday.
Seehofer spoke of a"new border regime" at the German-Austrian border to prevent asylum seekers who have already applied for asylum in another EU country from entering Germany.
He also said refugees would be expected to cooperate on the re-examination of their applications should the situation in their homeland change, for example, or face sanctions.

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