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Kohli makes light of the hype surrounding him

Kohli makes light of the hype surrounding him

Making light of the obsession surrounding him ahead of the Australia Test series, India skipper Virat Kohli on Wednesday said every
batsman in the side has the ability to win games single handedly and the hoopla around him is something he cannot do anything about.
“This (obsession) is something that I don’t believe in, at all. Whatever batsmen we have, all of them have so much ability that every one of them can single-handedly turn any game,” Kohli told reporters on the eve of India’s first rubber here.
“This is something I believe in 120 per cent, and even they have faith in themselves. On the outside what people think, we cannot control. I cannot tell people to not to talk about it or write about it,” he added.
A lot of talk has been on how to stop Kohli from getting runs in this part of the world where the World’s No.1 batsman has enjoyed enormous success in his last visit.
At Adelaide Oval, Kohli has three hundreds from two Tests. “I love coming to this ground, the city in general. I really enjoy the city, I don’t know what the connection is, but I just feel really good here. Not to say that the performances are always guaranteed in a certain place but yes, coming to Adelaide I feel different from places that I have gone in the world and that’s been the case,” said Kohli.
Asked about the Australian team’s mindset post the ball tampering saga, Kohli said: “I don’t think, personally, any team should be totally negative after something like that happens (ball-tampering scandal).
“But the competitiveness will be there because you eventually want to get the guys out. If the situation is going your way, and you understand against the important guy in the opposition, you will go hard at that person. Be it your body language or putting in a word or two.”


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