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Rahul refutes claim House panel vetted Rafale pricing details

Rahul refutes claim House panel vetted 
Rafale pricing details

New Delhi
Seeking to counter the BJP attack, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Friday accused the government of telling “lies” and raised questions over the statement that a parliamentary committee had examined the pricing details of the Rafale deal and asserted that there was no such meeting.
Addressing a press conference after a battery of BJP leaders demanded his apology for his campaign against the government on the issue, he maintained an aggressive posture attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi and persisted with demand for a JPC which, he said, will expose the “lies”.
Citing the Supreme Court judgement that referred to a parliamentary committee having examined the price details of the fighter jet, he said no such meeting was held.
“Today Supreme Court gave a judgement and I want to read three lines from it. ‘The pricing details have, however, been shared with the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) and the report of the CAG has been examined by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).’ This is the foundation of the judgment,” Gandhi said.
“How did it happen. It is really surprising. PAC has been dragged into it,” he added. Gandhi said questions were rising after the Supreme Court judgment, which was the basic foundation of the BJP’s argument.
“The report was not seen in the PAC, but it was seen by the Supreme Court. I cannot understand this. Because when you say a lie, then it comes out somewhere.
“Now the government should tell us where is this CAG report. Show it to us and to the PAC chairman. Or probably there is some other PAC in some other Parliament. I don’t know. This is possible in the 21st century that Modiji has his own PAC in the PMO.
“Institutions have been destroyed. I don’t know what is happening,” Gandhi said. The Congress chief insisted that there had been “a theft” of Rs 30,000 crore of public money. He claimed that no one will buy the BJP’s arguments because “whole of India understands that the chowkidar is a thief”.

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