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Qatar Charity provides relief aid to snowstorm-hit refugees in Lebanon

Qatar Charity provides relief aid to 
snowstorm-hit refugees in Lebanon

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Qatar Charity (QC) has rushed in emergency relief aids to thousands of Syrian refugees in the Arsal camp in Lebanon, which has been devastated by storm Norma.
The aid has benefitted nearly 17,000 refugees in the camp during the past two days of the storm.
The relief team managed to reach the camp despite accumulated snow, heavy rain and violent winds. The members of the team distributed the aid materials as part of QC’s “Below Zero” winter campaign.
Syrian refugees in Arsal, a town and municipality situated in eastern Lebanon, are badly affected by the snowstorm, which has increased their suffering in light of a severe shortage of basic life necessities, especially heating materials.
Qatar Charity managed to intervene quickly to provide relief aid to the affected persons in order to help them survive the blizzard, as the state of emergency has been declared.
The charity has allocated a budget to support those affected by the snowstorm within the framework of the “Below Zero” campaign. This makes Qatar Charity one of the first humanitarian agencies to respond to this hazard.
The number of beneficiaries in the first two days of the storm reached around 17,000 Syrian refugees, mostly children, women, the sick, the elderly and persons with disabilities.
The relief aid included heating fuel, blankets, winter clothes and other items to protect the tents from rain and wind, in addition to food aid to the affected families. The materials were distributed in coordination with the Union of Relief and Development Associations (URDA) in Lebanon.
Qatar Charity expressed its gratitude to all donors of its winter campaign and urged the general public to make more contributions to support the affected people, as they are still living under harsh weather conditions such as freezing cold, heavy rain, snow.
Jihan al Qaisi, relief intervention coordinator, said, “Qatar Charity is one of the first organisations to respond to the Syrian refugees’ appeal for help in Arsal. The charity provided urgent relief aid to families threatened with death due to blizzard.”
Qaisi emphasized that although Qatar Charity has contributed to helping thousands of families, they still require sustained attention and more aid. The programme coordinator described the situation in Arsal as harsh that requires urgent action to salvage the quickly deteriorating condition there.
Qatar Charity urges people in Qatar to continue supporting its Below Zero campaign in order to reach out to the largest number of displaced people, refugees and those in need.
The donations in favour of the campaign can be made through QC’s website (QCH.QA/B0). The donors can also request a ‘home collector’ through QC’s app (QCH.QA/APP) or dial the charity’s hotline, 44667711, to make their contributions.
Mobile donations can also be made. To send QR50, QR100 and QR500, one can send an SMS with code (B0) to 92632, 92642, and 92428, respectively.
Donations to the Below Zero campaign can also be made at QC’s headquarters or through its branches within the country and collection points in commercial complexes.
Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Qatar Charity has been supporting Syrian refugees in Lebanon by implementing many relief, shelter, health, development and education projects.
Qatar Charity has carried out many relief projects for internally-displaced persons (IPDs) and refugees in 2018 at a cost of more than QR85mn, benefiting about 4 million people in various fields.


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