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Rajini starrer ‘Petta’ opens with over 60 screenings in Doha

Rajini starrer ‘Petta’ opens with over 60 screenings in Doha

Santhosh Chandran
South Indian language Tamil film ‘Petta’ starring big Indian star Rajinikanth hit Doha with more than 60 screenings in 17 cinema halls.
Hindi version of the film screened at Roxy in B Squire Mall and Landmark in Al Gharafa also witnessed a packed house on Thursday.
A total of 12 screenings at Asian Town and eight screenings at City Centre also saw big fans of Rajinikanth on Thursday as most of the tickets to these shows were sold out many hours before the screenings.
On Friday, the screening at Asian Town Cinema halls will begin at 6am and continue until 3am on Saturday.
The birthday of Indian superstar Rajinikanth falling on the releasing day of his film has made the occasion a big celebration for Rajinikant’s fans in Doha.
The opening screening held at Asian Town was attended by a large number of Tamil Film lovers.
A member of Rajini Makkal Mandram - association of Rajinikanth fans association - said, “We would like to make the occasion a big celebration as the film was released on India’s big actor’s birthday. Rajanikanth is a sensation among Tamil-speaking people all over the world. Large
number of Rajinikanth fans in Indian and Sri Lankan expatriate communities participated in the first
screening and cake-cutting ceremony.”
Rajini Makkal Mandram members dressed in same pattern and colour that Rajinikanth wore in the film, distributed sweets and calender of 2019 with the portrait of their favourite film actor among audience. The event also featured live telecast of the celebration on Facebook and special programmes about the successful life of Rajinikanth in the film industry.
On the occasion of Rajinikanth’s birthday on Wednesday, Rajini Makkal Mandram arranged a feast for 425 deaf and dump students in a school at Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu.


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