Thursday, June 27, 2019
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Four killed in western Iraq car bombing

Anbar, Iraq
Four Iraqis were killed Friday when a car bomb went off near a market in the west of the country, local police said.
At least 25 others, including security personnel, were injured in the bombing in the western town of al-Qaim, the police added.
So far, there has been no claim of responsibility.
Al-Qaim, some 500 kilometres west of the capital Baghdad, lies near the Iraqi border with Syria and is part of Anbar province, where Islamic State militants once controlled several towns.
In December 2017, Baghdad declared the liberation of all Iraqi territory that had been seized by Islamic State after a US-backed military campaign of more than three years.
However, Islamic State operatives have since carried out several attacks and kidnappings targeting security forces and civilians in different parts of the country.

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