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Kahraman expo shines light on rare amber artworks collection

Kahraman expo shines light on 
rare amber artworks collection

KATARA Kahraman Exhibition is showcasing some of the rarest artworks made from amber at Building 12.
The section of Sheikh Abudlrahman bin Saoud al Thani, for example, has some of such unique pieces of different types and shapes. The ambers in the section are shaped like trees, birds, horses, and famous world landmarks. Some of the pieces in that section weigh up to 250 grams.
Yasser al Nuaimi, who oversees the section, said the types of amber vary in terms of colour and the countries of their origin. According to Nuaimi, some of the artworks are from India while others are from Germany and Poland. Some are brown while others are orange.
The exhibition also features artworks made of amber belonging to Russian museums as well as Polish and Turkish companies. There are also pieces that were created by individual artists.
Salah Mohammed from Kahraman Qatar section said the paintings displayed were drawn by hand before being coloured by a powder made from amber. The colours are spread using laser, Mohamed said, adding that these artworks were made based on the requests of clients who wanted to decorate their homes.
The exhibition, which concludes on Saturday, is attracting a lot of interest from art lovers and connoisseurs as some of the pieces have been put on display for the first time in Qatar.
The current exhibition is the second-largest in the world dedicated to amber. The exhibition features about 80 stalls showcasing different varieties of prayer beads, bracelets, ornaments and antique products. Traders, collectors and manufacturers of authentic Kahraman products from seven countries including Qatar, Turkey, Kuwait, Lebanon, Russia, Poland and Lithuania are participating in the exhibition.


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