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Dreama apprises envoys’ spouses of services, goals

Dreama apprises envoys’
spouses of services, goals

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The Orphan Care Center ‘Dreama’ recently received a delegation from the ‘Suhoom Association’, comprising wives of foreign ambassadors accredited to Qatar, to learn about the services offered by the centre.
The members of the delegation listened to an awareness presentation made by Mariam bint Ali bin Nasser al Misnad, executive director of Dreama, on the vision and mission of the centre in providing care for the orphans and integrating them into the society.
Misnad also explained the centre’s efforts to provide a safe and stable environment for the targeted categories, and reduce the number of cases to the minimum in the Homeless House, in addition to building and developing the institutional capabilities.
The delegation was also briefed on the centre’s future plans related to enhancing the care and services being offered to the orphans by maintaining alternative foster families, ensuring their stability in such families, training the foster families and raising their awareness of the importance of fostering, providing support and guidance for the foster families and the children, ensuring legal, social, educational and medical services, along with matrimonial services, and meeting the fostering requirements, including the studies of the children, among other topics.
The wives of ambassadors also toured Dreama facilities, including the Homeless House, Academic Support Villa, the Club, library and the electronic library.
The delegates appreciated Dreama’s efforts in providing protection, care and distinguished services to meet the orphans’ healthcare, psychological, educational and religious needs. They also thanked Dreama’s management for the warm welcome.
Dreama’s executive director appreciated the visit by the members of the Sohoom Association, which reflected the importance of the social role played by the association in Qatar. Besides, the prospects of cooperation with the association in favour of Dreama’s children were also discussed during the visit.
At the end of the visit, Lilyan Mutsel Kevet, the wife of the German Ambassador to Qatar and vice-president of the association, expressed her gratitude and appreciation to the management of Dreama for providing information on the vital role Dreama plays in providing high-quality services for its children and promoting the professional and personal skills of the children in line with the international standards in order to integrated them into the society.
She also expressed hope on establishing a strong collaboration between the centre and the Sohoom Association, and offering programmes for the children in collaboration with Sohoom Association.
Sohoom Association is an independent association of volunteers comprising the wives of the heads of diplomatic missions in Qatar. It conducts a variety of cultural and social activities aiming at strengthening the ties between Qatar and their countries, and enriching the lives and culture of all communities regardless of their ethnicity, religion, gender or political background.


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