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Acvia Melt Water to hit market in March

Acvia Melt Water to hit market in March

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Produced with a unique melt water technology and packaged in attractive glass bottles, Acvia Melt Water Original is set to hit the Qatari market in March.
The water is locally-produced at Al Ghaith Pure Water Factory in Industrial Area, and will be supplied to high-end stores and hotels in Qatar.
Al Ghaith General Manager Abdulla Abdulrahman al Kuwari said the premium product will be cheaper, compared to the water being imported from the European countries.
“We are the first company in the Middle East and North Africa region to use melt water technology to produce pure water,” Kuwari said.
He said, “We felt that the PET bottles which are being used for carrying water for consumption are not suitable for the high temperature in this region, as heat affects the quality of water. Our aim is to provide fresher, safer and healthier water to the people in Qatar.”
Kuwari said, “We will start our full-fledged production in March. Right now, the trial run is on. Our first target is to reach out to important stores, elite hotels, ministries and banks. There is a high demand for drinking water in Qatar and we hope to be contributing about 10 to 12 percent to it in future.”
“Our initial production is 70,000 bottles each day. We are introducing two kinds of bottles – 250ml and 500ml. The glass bottles are being imported from Ukraine. There is no human contact as the whole plant is automatic. We will use new bottles every time,” Kuwari said.
He said, “One big fact about our product is we will provide the freshest possible water to people in Qatar. Our competitors from the Europe will not able to beat us both in terms of quality and price. These two factors are going to be our main driving force of the business.”
Kuwari added, “We are also going for three major certifications for our company and we will be the first water suppliers in the region with the ISO, FSSC 22000 and HACP.
“Later on, our plan is to improve the daily capacity, introduce freshest juices without any additives, help Qatar make self-reliant as much as possible and then go for the export to in the Gulf region and big countries.”


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