Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Reconceptualise Arab culture on basis of Quran: Minister

Reconceptualise Arab culture on basis of Quran: Minister

Minister of Culture and Sports HE Salah bin Ghanem al Ali underlined the importance of reconceptualising the major questions in the Arab culture in accordance with impeccable and profound understanding of the Holy Quran.
Speaking at a symposium on the history of civilisations held at the ministry’s headquarters on Saturday, the minister said that Islam carries the elements of civilisation and renaissance.
He added that the Quranic approach features major perceptions on key issues such as knowledge and good deeds, citing a number of verses from the Holy Quran.
He pointed that Islam revers the value of time, citing Quranic verses to emphasise the importance of time.
The minister added that the society needs to reconceptualise knowledge, work, justice, human dignity and freedom, pointing out that progress cannot be realised without these values which are the most important components of a civilisation.
During the function organised by Al Jasra Cultural Club, Iraqi scholar and researcher in the history of religions and ancient civilisations Dr Khazaal al Majedi presented a description of the most important stages of different civilisations.
He reviewed the ancient civilisations and their contributions to civilisation, especially writing. He spoke about the Near East, Far East, ancient Latin American and Western civilisations.
The symposium, which was moderated by Mohammed Hamam Fekri, heritage expert at Qatar National Library, witnessed deep intellectual debates on the ideas put forward by the lecturer.


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