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Tuneful commemoration of iconic Mandela’s ‘freedom day’

Tuneful commemoration of iconic Mandela’s ‘freedom day’

It was a captivating evening with renowned artiste Lillian Sibeko entertaining the assembled crowd with a number of well-known classical opera songs at Katara Opera House. The lively event was organised last Saturday by the South African Embassy in Doha in collaboration with Katara the Cultural Village to mark the day when the icon of South African anti-apartheid movement revolutionary and philanthropist late Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (Madiba) was released from prison by the then apartheid regime.
Speaking on the occasion, South African Ambassador to Qatar HE Faizel Moosa said, “The celebration tonight commemorates the release from prison of the former president of South Africa late Nelson Mandela on February 11, 1990. The importance of the role played by Madiba in the struggle against apartheid and nation building cannot be over-emphasied. He was the one who had inspired us all for a better South Africa.”
The envoy reminisced about the day when Mandela was released from prison after 27 years’ incarceration, and went for a walk across the townships and streets in Cape Town with thousands of people cheering him along the way.
Mandela, who was the leader of the oldest liberation movement in Africa spearheaded by the African national Congress (ANC), presided over the creation of a new democratic and free South Africa after release from prison and subsequent election as the first-ever black president of a free South Africa. “The reason why we celebrate him and his freedom from prison is because he was the catalyst for change in South Africa and laid the foundation of what the newly independent country would become in the future. It was he who paved the way for young South Africans to aspire to be the best and not be bound by race, gender, religion and any other prejudice.”
Talking about the artiste, the ambassador said, “We are gathered here to also celebrate a young South African talent Lillian Sibeko who is an up-and-coming opera singer holds promises of evolving into a great performer. We wish her the best and great success in her future career.”
Moosa also thanked Katara for their support to make the event a grand success.
After the South African embassy posted the highlights of the event on Facebook, participants took to the social media, thanking the organisers and calling for more events of this kind.
Replying to the post, Catherine Louise Bekker said, “Thank you so much for hosting such a beautiful evening! My family
and I thoroughly enjoyed Lilian’s performance.”
Abdu-Raof Hanslo said, “We thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality and the melodious voice.”
Nathan Cloete said,
“Lillian is absolutely amazing! I do hope we can see more South African talent in Doha. Thank you, South African Embassy for making it possible. Our thanks are also due to our gracious
Qatari hosts.”
Marinda Mayers Thornhill said that Lillian is a talented singer, pianist and flautist.
She thanked the embassy and Katara for organising such a wonderful event.


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