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Digi 2023 to turn Vodafone Qatar into digital service operator: CEO

Digi 2023 to turn Vodafone Qatar into digital service operator: CEO

Vodafone Qatar is currently developing a five-year strategic plan to transform into a digital service operator that keep abreast with the aspirations of the consumers and Qatar e-Government 2020 Strategy, the company’s CEO Sheikh Hamad bin Abdullah al Thani has said.
In an interview with a Qatari local daily published on Thursday, the Vodafone Qatar CEO said the five-year strategy (Digi 2023) will transform the company from a cellular communications operator to a full communications operator and then a digital communications operator.
He noted that Smart Qatar Programme (TASMU) contributes greatly to facilitating corporate and government transactions.
On the preparations of Vodafone Qatar for the 2022 World Cup, he said the company is ready to install communications services in the stadiums of the World Cup immediately after receiving the permits.
The company has already begun to develop the infrastructure of all areas expected to have visitors whether the transport areas, highways, commercial areas or museums, he added.
Sheikh Hamad said the company began to deploy fibre optic very intensely over the past 7 months, and was able to deploy more than 10 times the previous network to cover more than 20 regions.
“The company is also working on linking the northern and southern regions and linking them to industrial areas,” he said.
Sheikh Hamad said the company’s financial performance was very good, noting that the restructuring was very important in an unimaginable way.
He said, “The most important thing is that Vodafone Qatar is making its own decisions and strategy for Qatar.”
On social responsibility, he said the company is giving immense importance to social responsibility, pointing to the “Secure Technology World” programme which aims to enhance the digital and technological knowledge of parents in order to ensure the safety of children and adolescents while
using technology.


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