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Kathak exponents showcase myriad colours of India

Kathak exponents showcase myriad colours of India

Qatar-India Cultural Year 2019Santhosh Chandran
Kathak, one of eight classical dance forms of India, was presented by an Indian group of its exponents led by Rani Khanam at Katara Cultural Village on Thursday with great poise and mastery over the craft.
The dance form, which is a blend of three art forms-music, dance, and drama- communicates stories through rhythmic foot movements, swift spins, hand gestures and facial expressions.
The event titled ‘Rhythmic Expressions’ was organised by the Embassy of India, Doha, in partnership with Katara Cultural Village and Qatar Museums as part of the Qatar-India Cultural Year 2019 – a year-long programme.
Indian Ambassador HE P Kumaran, officials of Katara Cultural Village, Qatar Museums, various embassies and prominent Indian community members watched the concert.
Rani Khanam has been honoured for her bold and pioneering work in Kathak, and also for creating awareness and addressing critical issues of society such as equality and social justice for women, persons with disabilities and HIV/AIDS.
The performances featured various styles such as Andaz-e-Raqs, ‘Yamuna Namah’, Shri Nand Nandan Nachat Sudhang, Basant Hori, Tarana and Chaap Tilak Sab Cheeni.
While Andaz-e-Raqs highlighted Persian culture with costumes playing an intrinsic role in the kinetics of choreography, ‘Yamuna Namah’ showcased the significance of the river Yamuna in India.
Shri Nand Nandan Nachat Sudhang was based on a story borrowed from Indian mythology whereas Basant Hori demonstrated the colouful season of spring.
Tarana, a dance sequence, brought out the essence of melody & rhythm and Chaap Tilak Sab Cheeni was a soulful performance about eternal submission to the creator.
The group also performed in front of the Al Khor community on Friday and will perform at Indian Cultural Centre on Saturday.


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