Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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Policies of siege states behind disruption of Gulf unity, says Khater

Tribune News Network
Lulwah Rashid al Khater, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has said it is regrettable irony that the attack on Qatar has been repeated in the same context as talking about the unification of the Gulf and Arab countries.
Khater said this while pointing to Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al Jubeir’s statement about the need for reunification of the Arab and Gulf countries after inviting Arab and Gulf countries for a meeting.
“But he quickly moved to another issue and started attacking Qatar. How can the two be combined? On one hand you call for the unification of the Arab and Gulf ranks and on the other hand you attack an Arab state. What an irony?” Khater said while speaking to Al Jazeera.
She said Jubeir seems to have missed the fact that the policies of the blockading countries in the last two years have been one of the most important factors in the disruption of Gulf and Arab unity, including the siege of Qatar.
“These policies have caused a rift in the joint Arab action. These policies are not only against Qatar but also against a number of Arab countries,” she said, pointing out the accusations against Qatar are directed for media consumption and do not deserve a reply.
Jubeir claimed that Qatar had hurt the GCC countries and repeated the series of slanders and lies that the embargo countries have been carrying out for the two years.