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‘Summer Without Accidents’ drive launched to curb traffic violations

‘Summer Without Accidents’ drive launched to curb traffic violations

Hisham aljundi
The Ministry of Interior (MoI), represented by the General Directorate of Traffic, on Wednesday launched traffic awareness campaign ‘Summer Without Accidents’ for a second consecutive year. This comes as part of its efforts to promote road safety.
The campaign, which will be implemented in July, aims to spread awareness among drivers of common traffic violations. This will also enhance their knowledge to further reduce road accidents that often result in human and material losses.
Director of Media and Traffic Awareness Department Colonel Mohammad Radhi al Hajri said the ‘Summer Without Accidents’ campaign comes within the framework of the General Directorate of Traffic’s plans. The drive focuses this year on field awareness through inspection campaigns in cooperation with the Traffic Patrols and Investigation Department and the Public Relations Department in the ministry.
Hajri said the campaign aims to educate the public on the rules of traffic safety and safe driving, with a focus on drivers, especially young men, in Doha and other areas.
The campaign will spread awareness of several violations such as driving without a licence, driving while talking on mobile phone, occupying slots reserved for people with disabilities, blocking traffic, and standing in the yellow box junction at intersections and traffic signals.
Hajri said awareness pamphlets will be distributed to drivers in markets, commercial streets, internal areas of Doha and external areas in the north, south and Dukhan, in cooperation with traffic departments in these areas, to monitor the offences.
He said placing vehicles in yellow box disruptis traffic on intersections, and this attracts a fine of QR500. The distinct aspect of this year’s campaign is traffic department monitoring the main and external roads in all regions of the country, to ensure the widest impact.
Hajri said the first phase of the ‘Summer Without Accidents’ campaign had seen a decline in violations, included a decline of 16.1 percent in driving without licence and 22.4 percent decline in parking of vehicles in slots reserved for people with disabiliies.
Qatar is witnessing a significant decline in traffic accidents which has affected the mortality rates of road accidents recorded during 2018, with 4.9 deaths per 100,000, compared with the rate of 5.4 deaths in 2017, which is below the world average.The campaign aims to enhance road safety


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