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Adhere to WPS to avoid sanctions, Ministry of Labour tells companies

Adhere to WPS to avoid sanctions, Ministry of Labour tells companies

Opadijo Jelili A
AN official of the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) has urged all companies and business owners to adhere to strict implementation of Wages Protection System (WPS) to avoid sanctions by the ministry.
Speaking at the Annual General Meeting of the Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation Qatar (NIDO-Qatar) recently, Fahad al Ajji from MADLSA Wages Protection System section said the ministry is closely monitoring companies’ activities, especially the prompt and regular payment of workers’ salaries.
While urging business owners to ensure they implement WPS and pay their workers’ dues regularly, Ajji encouraged workers to report any breach of their rights to the ministry.
“Qatar has taken implementation of Wages Protection System so seriously. No company in the country is expected to operate without WPS. Any company without the system, or violating some conditions of the system, will be fined heavily,” he said, adding that the system is for the benefit of both the employers and employees.
He stressed that while WPS protects workers from unpaid or delayed salary, the system also serves as proof of payment to workers by the companies, protecting them from any false allegation that may be raised by the workers.
In his presentation, Yousef Ali al Abdoon from the ministry’s Legal Department highlighted the department’s company-worker dispute resolution mechanisms.
He pointed out that any worker who feels his rights have been abused can approach the ministry for redress, adding that the department discharges its responsibilities objectively irrespective of who is involved in the dispute.
He allayed people’s fear of intimidation by their employers if they report any injustice to the ministry.
The official added that the ministry has mechanisms to protect workers from intimidation, unjust treatment or unconducive working condition.
NIDO-Qatar President Victor Ikoli outlined the organisation’s achievement under his administration.
He said the organisation has not only strengthened its relations with the community members, but has also established links and cooperation with government’s ministries, agencies and institutions as well as many private establishments both in Qatar and in Nigeria.
He referred to the presence of the officials of the Ministry of Interior, Qatar Financial Center and the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs, among others at NIDO programmes.
Ikoli appealed to the community members to continue to support the organisation as it strives to attend to the wellbeing of Nigerians in Qatar.
The event included presentation of awards to the pioneer executive members of the organisation for their selfless services to the community.
A member of the community Segun Abayomi was awarded for his philanthropic activities.
The event also served as a platform for Nigerian business owners in Qatar to promote their products and services.


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