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Young entrepreneur to promote game of cricket in Qatar

Young entrepreneur to promote game of cricket in Qatar

Founder and Chairman of Qatar-based Sports Village Event Management Company Syed Ali Zaidi is determined to promote the game of cricket in Qatar and organise private cricket leagues world-wide.
Ali belongs to a successful business family settled in Lahore, Pakistan. His grandfather Syed Ali Ameer Zaidi and father Syed Iftekhar Ali Zaidi set up various successful conglomerates in the 50’s including Hercules Fan and Ameer Glass Manufacturing Factory. His family had the distribution rights of rock salt and flour for Punjab province. His family remained engaged in the real estate investment business. They were also shareholders of Pan-Islamic Steamship Company Ltd.
The young Ali moved to France in 2011 and established an advertising company. Being a cricket enthusiast, he established Bretagne Cricket Club in France imparting coaching to young cricketers.
In an interview with Qatar Tribune, Ali spoke about the factors that led him to select Qatar as the next destination to promote the game of cricket while continuing his business activities. Excerpts:
Why did you select Qatar for promoting the game of cricket?
I was looking for a country, which is developing at fast pace and welcoming entrepreneurs having innovative ideas. After my thorough research, I decided to come to Qatar, which is undoubtedly a haven for foreign investors and sports lovers. I learnt with great interest that the Qatari government is laying great emphasis on promotion of sports activities. The country has hosted a number of high-profile sporting events in the past and is now gearing up to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022.
I learnt with great excitement that the Qatari government under the wise leadership of the Amir HH Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad al Thani is providing excellent working and living environment to foreigners. My focus was on countries where the game of cricket was not well known. Thus, Qatar was the ideal location where my dream could be materialised. Luckily, I found a famous Qatari sports lover, Nawaf Mohammed Al Mudhaka, with whose help I set up my sports company in 2018. Our objectives included establishing a cricket academy in Qatar and organising international cricket leagues. Cricket is my passion and making money by organising cricket events is not my aim at all. I have the full support of my sponsor who is also a noted poet and a former member of Qatar’s National U-19 football team. I am also indebted to my long-time friend, Noman Gul, who is running an IT solutions company in Qatar. He helped me greatly in settling down in Qatar.
What are your plans to promote the game of cricket in Qatar?
We’ll offer first class international cricketing services. We believe that Sports Village Event Management as a private cricket league organiser will be unmatched in the world. On the other hand, we’ll keep challenging ourselves to make sure that our products such as International T10 and T20 cricket leagues and other services positively contribute to business and lifestyle on a global basis.
We follow the International Cricket Council (ICC) business strategies which stand for cricket servicing business, enterprise business and overseas business. These guidelines serve as the foundation of our growth plan.
We have the expertise, advanced techniques and top-class facilities to organise mega international cricket leagues. We’ll make sure we are counted as a leader in Qatar for organising private cricket leagues.
Pakistan’s renowned cricket coach and first-class cricketer Abdul Razzaq is one of my best friends. He recently visited our office in Doha and assured of his full support in promoting the game of cricket in Qatar.
Are you planning to organise cricket league in near future?
We have plans to organise T10 and T20 International Cricket Leagues along with Legends Cricketers Leagues across the world. We have joined hands with 15 companies to organise Legends Premier League (LPL) in South Africa from November 29 to December 9, 2019. We have finalised the preparations with our Joint Venture Partners and will soon announce the details.
What are the challenges faced by the game of cricket?
Like other sports, cricket is also facing various challenges and we need to fight against racism, corruption and doping. We want to develop a new generation of leaders who can deal with these challenges on a wide scale. We’ll introduce big initiatives for youngsters for the development of cricket in developing and under-developed countries.We have joined hands with 15 companies to organise Legends Premier League (LPL) in South Africa from November 29 to December 9, 2019
Syed Ali Zaidi, Chairman of Sports Village


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