Thursday, April 19, 2018

Caroline Houck | Tribune News Service DEMOCRATS widely questioned President Donald Trump's decision to strike Syria in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack, calling it"unconstitutional" and"reckless." But ..

PRESIDENT Donald Trump could not have chosen two more ominous words "mission accomplished" to hail Friday's retaliatory attack on Syria for its chemical weapons attack on civilians. Either the president's grasp of ..

THE Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled in a case from California that if a law is deemed to be so vague that it is impossible for the government to use it to impose a prison sentence, then it is also too vague to be used to deport a lawful ..

Trudy Rubin | Tribune News Service MOSCOW As I was preparing to leave for Moscow, Russian friends were telling me that the TV talk shows in expectation of a USmissile strike on Syria were hyping the advent of World War III. President ..