Saturday, March 23, 2019
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India Needs to Keep Indus 
Waters Treaty Intact

February 2019 was marked by a downward spiral in diplomatic relations between the two South Asian neighbours of India and Pakistan. Among the threats and cross-border strikes, India’s water minister also issued a statement ..

A federal judge this week ordered the Trump administration to redo environmental reviews of oil and gas leases on several hundred thousand acres of federal lands in Wyoming that were approved by the Obama administration in 2015-16, ..

It’s been eight years since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Fukushima nuclear disaster. Since then, the utilisation of nuclear energy, which accounted for more than one-tenth of Japan’s energy mix before 2011, has become a ..

A credible case can be made that conservatives face considerable hostility at some universities. The problem may not be nearly as pervasive as some right-wing activists assert, but high-profile incidents in which conservative ..